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What started as a tiny little blog intended for internal sharing is now filling up with piles and piles of words, and I have decided to share these lessons with all.  As I continue innovating popular education work, I will continue to share my reflections, and this blog will continue to grow!

Listed here: reports on extended residencies first, followed by full-day workshops, smaller workshops, then one slideshow presentation, a tour organizing how-to, a series of essays/calls-to-action, and at the end you will find some previews, a portfolio of graphic designs, and some other sites to which I have contributed.


Collaborative Art in Public School


Beehive Process, Meet General Public: The “Think Tank”



Olin Gallery exhibition




WEEK 3, pt 2


Final Exhibition

TOP 10! Selected Activity Pics

Assessment & Reflection


“Story-Telling like a Super-Organism” : Srishti Design School, Bangalore

Day 1: Research Assignments

Day 2: Introducing Myself and Beehive Collective

Day 3: Dialogue, Popular Education, and Games

Day 4: Revolutionary Movements – Why and How

Day 5: Begin Independent Group Work

Day 6: Folk Research, Ethics

Day 7: Archetypes & Myths

Day 8: Narrative & World, Framing

Day 9: Facilitating the Group, Navigating Challenges

Day 10-18: WORKIN’ IT!

Day 19: Printing, etc

Day 20: Assessment, Practice Presentations

Day 21: Exhibit

And Beyond…


The Heroes We Are Looking For Stand Within Us

Principles, Layers

Narrative Arc (TCC)

– The Hero Narrative

The Battle of the Story

– Practice


ORGANIZING FOR POWER: Capacity-Building & Strategic Escalation




Ideation with California Allegory Youth Fellowship


Cross-Pollinating Ideas [Graphics for the Commons]


ROCK BOTTOM in the Age of Extreme Resource Extraction: Complete Script

1. introduction to the work of the beehive

2. what do we mean by “extreme resource extraction”?

3. coming from gratitude – stories of the land

4. a brief history – what is “colonialism”?

5. hidden histories – heroes, rebels, and usurpers

6. new dangers

7. rock bottom

8. intervention

9. recovery

10. closing: a new paradigm


Tour Planning 101: intro

STEP 1: Choose destinations

STEP 2: Choose dates

STEP 3: Initial Contact

STEP 4: Mutual understanding and plan of action

STEP 5: Details

STEP 6: Options, confirm details

STEP 7: Present!

STEP 8: Follow-up


Appendix: Notes on Tour in Europe


The Need for Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief as Antidote to Corporate Colonialism

Resistance is Disaster Relief

– Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in México

– MADR Guiding Principles

– MADR Training Tour


Preview Works-in-Progress-

Profiteers and Predators: Creating and Capitalizing on Climate Crisis


Portfolio: Graphic Designs



Also visit these other sites!

Groups tyler works with:

Beehive Design Collective – “Cross-Pollinating the Grassroots”

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief – “Solidarity Not Charity”


Other blogs authored by tyler:

hum kahaan hai  – a travelogue



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