The Tour Begins!

The Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Training Team is on the road with “Building the Movement for Mutual Aid” combination story-sharing and participatory workshop!

The team had great success with their first stops in Albuquerque and Tucson, and now they are continuing on to 7 locations throughout California.

All events listed here.

Unfortunately, I had to return home to help neighbors recover from record flooding that struck my home region last month.  As they said in Houston, “Mutual Aid can be the way we live every day.”  And it must be.  In times of chaos and political breakdown, neighbors helping neighbors is an effective way to build bridges and break down barriers.

While I begin to get settled in and figure out what will be necessary for the slow long-term recovery of my hometown and other nearby villages, I continue to assist with booking work for the tour.  In my free time, I intend to finish the rough draft of our Curriculum Booklet, send it to Spanish translators, and then publish widely so that others can be empowered to facilitate workshops; and also to follow up with many of those we met on tour, some of whom are doing great work in NC right now.  (and fingers crossed that maybe I find a little bit extra for a sci-fi comic requested by a buddy!)

But today I go inquire about a job.  I had to purchase a vehicle for the tour, but now at home I dont even get to drive it, its on its way to California as I type this.  I got paid for gigs in AZ and NM, but I had to drop much of that because some jerk slashed our tires in Albuquerque (probably didnt like the many pro-Bernie and general progressive old lady bumper stickers put on there by the previous owner  :/  a bummer way to start the tour).

Please consider contributing to my Patreon campaign?  Even a tiny little bit of support helps me to be a little bit more flexible and to better lend a hand to communities that need mutual aid right now.  I am so grateful to all those who have helped me to help others!  Thanks! ❤


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