Crowd-funding Campaign

Hello!  I am so grateful that you are reading this blog, and I am glad for the opportunity to share what I have learned so far, and to continue learning from diverse communities and movements as I “cross-pollinate” near and far.

I have started a Patreon campaign to help me to really dedicate my time to this educational work – I love doing it, I feel confident that it is constructive youth empowerment and movement-building work, but I rarely get paid.  I got a few hustles here and there, but this extra supplementary income will make a huge difference.

Please check out the new page for Symbiosis Strategic Education, share on social media, and contribute a little if you can – even the tiniest donations make a huge difference!  If you go to this facebook post, you will find links to more blog entries in the comments.

Thanks to everyone for generous support – past, present, and future!  I couldnt do it without you all!

– tyler..



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