Links to all Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Essays

Hi friends!
Recently I have written a series of essays about the great necessity and powerful potential of the movement for Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. If you missed them, here is another chance to read about:

*The Need for Mutual Aid Disaster Relief*
Reflections on the “many floods” that created the unnatural disaster of Hurricane Harvey, and the echoes of the equally calamitous 2005 hurricane season, when I first learned about the “Solidarity Not Charity” spirit in New Orleans.

*Mutual Aid Disaster Relief as Antidote to Corporate Colonialism*
In the wake of record-breaking hurricanes, fires, wars, and a lack of appropriate government response to these calamities – analysis of the unnatural disasters created by disaster capitalism, neoliberalism, austerity, and the modern-day colonialism that puts so-called “corporate rights” above human rights and healthy land and clean water; as well as alternatives built on people power and mutual aid.

*Resistance is Disaster Relief*
Contra Columbus Day; colonialism has been a daily disaster for 500 years, and compassionate emergency hearts understand that solidarity with indigenous-led movements to stop pipeline development is just another form of disaster response.

*The Future of Resistance and Resilience*
Two ways to participate – join the divestment campaign started by indigenous coalition Mazaska Talks, or contribute to get our Training Tour on the road!
Fighting pipelines and white supremacry, and building community and solidarity – all these things are disaster relief too – join the movement!

My fund-raising campaign to get the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Training Tour on the road went live JUST NOW! Check it out

Keep your eyes open and ear to the ground – the Movement for Mutual Aid is gaining momentum!


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