Profiteers and Predators: Creating and Capitalizing on Climate Crisis

This diagram is a preview of a work in progress. I intend to share the finished story-telling diagram on a tour in collaboration with members of Mutual Aid Disaster Relief.  We will not only share stories and systemic analysis [history from ‘conquistador’ to ‘corporate’ colonialism, including industrial revolution, climate change, and the new ‘disaster capitalism;’ examples of resistance and grassroots alternatives, points of intervention], but we will also facilitate participatory trainings for local groups [covering theory of Solidarity Not Charity, Creative Mapping; strategy such as Community Organizing as Disaster Preparedness, Building Power in Collaboration; maybe some groups will benefit from Strategy of Story-telling; or another option, for youth Graphics for the Commons may be a lighter way to build group cohesion].  I intend to utilize many of the popular education exercises that I have practiced during the Roanoke Residency and the Srishti Seminar.  Ultimately, we hope to invite local affinity groups to join a growing network, and then to build upon our successes with subsequent training tours.

Illustrations will include a more elaborate version of the story-telling diagram below in the format of an interactive Prezi, elaborated with incredibly versatile graphics from the Beehive Collective’s Mesoamérica Resiste and The True Cost of Coal graphics. Much of the story format will be adapted from ROCK BOTTOM in the Age of Extreme Resource Extraction, with universal tropes and threads like Pyramid Scheme, the Self-Perpetuating Cycle of Colonization, Corporate Rights, the Shock Doctrine, Addiction, and of course Resistance in History and Now.  For the more detailed content, locally relevant stories will be researched, mostly in conversation with participants, and focus will be adapted to the most pressing regional concerns.  Likely candidates include Pipelines, Water Wars, Climate Change & Desertification.




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