Olin Gallery

The large octagonal gallery was named Olin, and it was here that Talia and her curatorial students displayed The True Cost of Coal original drawing and lots of sketches and notes from both TCC and MR graphics, as well as examples of work we had facilitated with other groups: Srishti, Springhouse, and SAF student projects. One poster copy of Projecte Uter was also on display. One wall was left blank, and an automatically rotating slide show demonstrated the entire process of making and using graphics – research, ideation, illustration, cross-pollination (download here). This is also where we gave our public picture-lectures.

All of this was assembled before our residency officially began, so everything we were doing in the Smoyer Gallery was framed and augmented by this exhibit. This was really helpful – more than 400 people visited the Olin Gallery including random visitors in addition to our classes and presentations, and they had to pass through the Smoyer Gallery to get there. As time went by, the blank white Smoyer Gallery slowly but surely began to fill up and look more like the “real gallery.” It is difficult for me to judge because I was in it so consistently, but I would imagine that for students who walked through the Smoyer Gallery weekly en route to classes, it was really fun and intriguing to see a handful of messy scribbles gradually metamorphose into another full exhibit, very different in style yet naturally in dialogue with the first exhibit in the Olin Gallery.

That’s Talia in the first pic, scooching something over 1/2 inch on the last day of set-up





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