The Battle of The Story

So on the second day with the KlimaKollectiv, I did not really talk about the work of the Beehive Collective much.  We started by looking at the work of the Center for Story-based Strategy.

Because they have excellent materials freely available online, I will just link to those.  In my workshop, I basically just wrote/read these materials word for word.

Here are some of the CSS ideas that I find inspiring (I picked these quotes from various spots on their website).  You can see that mostly, rather than saying what they think, they ask questions – that is popular education!

  • When a fact challenges a cherished, pre-existing belief, the majority of people will dismiss that fact.
  • Whose stories will be heard?  Which points of view will be accepted as common sense?  Which will be marginalized or dismissed?
  • How is conflict framed?  What aspects are emphasized and what is avoided?

I asked these questions as an intro, then we went into greater details with their F.R.A.M.E.S. tool, a very smart set of questions used to assess how effective and memorable your messages will be.

After that, we spent a long time working on their “Battle of the Story” worksheet.  Many in the group told me they loved this exercise and that it was very very helpful.  Here is what we came up with.  Again, photos not good but it gives you an idea of how helpful this was in generating discussion.





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