So this workshop took two full days because I was not the only one facilitating.  Others presented about their experience fighting against the local coal mines, we discussed reasons that they felt it was necessary to escalate and/or try new tactics (such as more intentional story-telling), what a story-based strategy might look like and what next steps were necessary to realize that, and there was even a pop quiz!


And most of the second day was reserved for folks to tell each other stories and to practice using The True Cost of Coal as an aid in their story-telling.  We split into small groups, each with a specific story, and put them all together in a similar arc.


It all culminated in a really awesome and empowering group presentation.  Rough around the edges of course, but a great first try!


What they all do with everything we learned remains to be seen.  But I hope that we will be hearing about it soon – the KlimaKollectiv has been organizing and is now executing a series of Climate Camps as you read this!


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