Day 21: Exhibit


Week 4, Day 21

This is it, the final exhibit.  It is supposed to be “world-class,” I am told.  I have been nervous, so have students, but at this moment everyone is feeling good.  Students appear here and there in the morning, but by 10 we are setting the banners up.

1  IMG_20141211_223321  IMG_20141211_221132  IMG_20141211_220732



Once they had everything set up, I gathered everyone and told them that it was their show and that I was just going to hang back and take photos, unless they asked otherwise.  And that is just what happened.  All in all they did an excellent job.


Getting grilled by a professor…


Not getting grilled by a professor.


Presentations were given in English, Hindi…  IMG_20141211_232834

Kannada…    5



… and baby-talk.

IMG_20141211_232200  IMG_20141211_230643    7  6



And Beyond…



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