Day 19: Printing, etc


Week 4, Day 19: Printing, etc

The LGBT and Cauvery group gathered at KolorKode full-service digital printer around noon on Day 19.  The Tibet group was faster with production, and they had gone to get themselves posters printed the day before.  I was there at 9am.  Of course everyone else showed up at around 11-12.  I read the paper in the meantime.

Anyway, printing was quite a production.  Even scanning the previous day had been problematic for students, who went to multiple different shops before getting a good product.  I was feeling pretty worried at this point, in part because of the deadline but mostly because I had wanted all 3 groups to adhere back together to push through this final stretch, but instead they had gone fully independent, which seems like a good thing, but can be risky too.

We spent all day at KolorKode.  I had thought we could still have class in the afternoon but that was not possible.  I did my best to stay in touch with students who were not at the print shop, but that was difficult.  Anyway, the class that I thought would happen, did not.  But we managed to get some very nice posters printed.  And also some large-format banners printed on “flex,” a sort of vinyl material (not ideal, I know, but it was cheap and fast, which we needed at that point because our deadline was next day).  And because we managed to push against the deadline just a little, we were able to provide one more day, which was very important.

But that is in next post.  Here are just a couple shots of scanning and printing:

8img_20141209_174204  9



Day 20: Assessment, Practice Presentations 


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