Day 10-18: WORKIN’ IT!


Week 3, Days 10-18

Even though I had previously told the students that, being from the USA and all, I didn’t work on Saturdays… they still did.  Apparently at Srishti two Saturdays a month are class days.  I was happy to let students work on their own on the Saturdays, I had other business.  That is how there are 9 days in a week, because the students actually worked two Saturdays, plus the Monday-Tuesday of week 4, just focused on their drawings.

Anyway, there was a little bit of struggle with the space (our room was tiny and constrained, with far too much useless furniture), and for days 10-12 students worked at home, we tried to get them to come in to do those progress reports but it felt like it was just hindering the process .  But then we got ourselves some decent drafting tables and another class room and then things really started to take off.  I noticed that students were excited but relatively unproductive when they were working at home, bringing everyone together in one room really helped the work.  And exactly as Pinak promised, as the deadline approached, the students proceeded to stay at school until it was closed at 7pm, then send the work home with someone, then get back together in class at 9am (except for the 1-2 who worked on it all night) and kept plugging away at it, day by day.  I was really impressed at the dedication and commitment to making something of high quality and high impact.

It was awesome to watch these images come together.  But enough words, here are the pics:

IMG_20141203_235337 IMG_20141204_004835  IMG_20141204_023410 IMG_20141204_050546    IMG_20141204_050601 IMG_20141204_054857  IMG_20141204_054335 IMG_20141203_235415          IMG_20141204_023214 IMG_20141204_004911 IMG_20141204_054258 IMG_20141204_050249 IMG_20141204_050512 IMG_20141207_233427 IMG_20141204_054721 IMG_20141204_050443 IMG_20141204_050455 IMG_20141204_221454 IMG_20141204_221530 IMG_20141205_053127

Here we are in the final stretch…

IMG_20141207_233509 IMG_20141207_233529   IMG_20141208_051615  IMG_20141207_233648

In the last days we had a brief visit from some visiting artists (also facilitating collaborative art projects!), and a failed attempt at trying to photograph the images (scanning was also very difficult).

 IMG_20141208_024057  IMG_20141208_234051              IMG_20141208_234218


Day 19: Printing


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