Day 1: Research Assignments


Week 1, Day 1:

I missed the first day and part of the second due to a wicked stomach bug. But students were there, so I had to give them some kind of filler. For the first day I sent Pinak a list of 20 artists and art forms, from which each of them was expected to choose one and research for the rest of the day. They are listed below – some are very relevant, some are barely relevant, as I had wanted to come up with 20 distinctly different topics, which was harder than I had expected. I would love to hear suggestions for other artists/art forms that are relevant to collaborative art or story-telling art or activist art.


– Diego Rivera

– David Alfaro Siquieros

– Keith Haring


– Indian Miniature Paintings

– Heironymous Bosch

– Albrecht Durer

– J. J. Grandville

– Henry Darger

– Chittaprosad Battacharya

– Jose Guadalupe Posada


– Cantastoria, Kamishibai, etc

– American Folk Songs (esp. Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips)

– Comics (esp. Will Eisner, R. Crumb)


– Buddhist Mandalas

– Warli Murals

– Art of the Situationist International

– Aligheiro e Boetti


– Cuban Posters (esp. Raul Martinez, Eduardo Muñoz Bachs)

– Emory Douglas

– Banksy


Day 2: Introducing Myself and Beehive Collective


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