Tour planning 101

I hope this helps folks!  Its certainly not complete or comprehensive, Id appreciate feedback, especially let me know if there is anything missing.  And dont take my advice if if doesnt apply, make your tour whatever you want!

** Please note that you can click on the screenshots to makes them bigger (right click to open in another tab)



First things first – your tour opportunities expand accordingly with your contact list.  The more people you are able to reach out to, the more opportunities will bounce back your way.  The most important recommendation I have for doing an awesome tour is keeping a neatly organized contact list full of awesome people, organizations, networks, and venues.  Here is an example of what my list looks like:

Screenshot from 2014-06-09 15:33:00

Those x’s in the right columns are for easy sorting, so that I can mass-mail a lot of people easily without bombarding everyone with excessive emails.  The one I use most is the “recently contacted” category.  For example, I can send out a big tour shout-out to everyone in Detroit except for the public school teachers, and then easily write to all those teachers later after I have figured out the public show dates.

STEP 1: Choose destinations

STEP 2: Choose dates

STEP 3: Initial Contact

STEP 4: Mutual understanding and plan of action

STEP 5: Details

STEP 6: Options, confirm details

STEP 7: Present!

STEP 8: Follow-up


Appendix: Notes on Tour in Europe


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