STEP 7: Present!

Its always a good idea to check in with your host 2-3 days before your show, just to make sure that everything is all set, and hopefully they can meet you for lunch when you get into town or something like that.  If you are in the middle of the tour, its easy to forget to do this.  Most of the time its no big deal – your hosts will probably call you if you dont call them. Keep that in mind whenever you feel like you didnt plan ahead enough.

Even if you did your best to get everything squared before the tour started, its likely that you will have to do some amount of tour booking while on tour.  When you have a packed schedule, this can cause some really gnawing stress, and thats a feeling to be wary of when locked up in a car together for weeks.  Presenting and travelling together in a team always presents unique challenges, so I wont try to tackle that type of organizing here.  But I will give this piece of advice, from the planning perspective.  To stay calm and collected while bustling around making zillions of phone calls before and after every presentation, take the extra time to take notes so that you dont call the same person twice, and always arrive early – for a tour planner, a couple of hours of down time is almost always welcome.

STEP 8: Follow-up


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