STEP 5: Details

After having a good first chat, then I will send people a big long email full of details.  It is the second one in the Standard Tour Responses doc.  It includes things like “so Ive got you on the calendar for April 1, right?” and “we need a projector, table, and ladder,” a funding ask (which I adjust depending on who I am speaking to), as well as a press kit so they can explain this weird thing to others.  Generally, after the phone call and email combo, most hosts are happy to plug away at organizing for the next few weeks or months.  You may have to field a few phone calls as things change, but hopefully not too much, because if you are planning a big tour, just that one long phone call to every potential host can be an enormous undertaking.

And its often hard to remember who is who.  You can use the Presentation Request Spreadsheet to keep good notes and stay on top of things.  See the screenshot of the “Tyler” tab in that spreadsheet below.

Screenshot from 2014-06-09 17:29:41

I enter a dated note every time I talk to someone on the phone or send them one of the standard emails.  You will also note that these are color-coded, which is an easy way to differentiate how far along we are in the booking process (ie dark green are confirmed).  I type categories like “contacted,” “date proposal,” “details,” “needs a call,” “needs confirmation,” “not this time,” etc into the time stamp column, and then I can sort them A-Z and easily see which ones need more work.

STEP 6: Options, confirm details


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