Crowd-funding Campaign

Hello!  I am so grateful that you are reading this blog, and I am glad for the opportunity to share what I have learned so far, and to continue learning from diverse communities and movements as I “cross-pollinate” near and far. I have started a Patreon campaign to help me to really dedicate my time to… Continue reading Crowd-funding Campaign


Ideation with California Allegory Youth Fellowship

In the first week of August, I had the honor of assisting a small but powerful group of radical youth “artivists” who are working on an exciting collection of projects in collaboration with the Beehive Collective, Sustain Us, and Canticle Farm. The California Allegory Youth Fellowship, or “Callegory,” is the beginning of a long-term project that will… Continue reading Ideation with California Allegory Youth Fellowship

Cross-Pollinating Ideas – “Graphics for the Commons”

Just dug up this oldie... I am pleased to share a little promotional piece I made in 2012, at the request of the gallery director at The New School in New York City. This was my first wildly successful innovative collaborative graphic-making training.  I had learned the basic concept, what the Beehive Collective generically names "Graphics… Continue reading Cross-Pollinating Ideas – “Graphics for the Commons”

Profiteers and Predators: Creating and Capitalizing on Climate Crisis

This diagram is a preview of a work in progress. I intend to share the finished story-telling diagram on a tour in collaboration with members of Mutual Aid Disaster Relief.  We will not only share stories and systemic analysis [history from 'conquistador' to 'corporate' colonialism, including industrial revolution, climate change, and the new 'disaster capitalism;'… Continue reading Profiteers and Predators: Creating and Capitalizing on Climate Crisis

ORGANIZING FOR POWER: Capacity-Building & Strategic Escalation

Please check out this lesson!  This is an incredibly powerful half-day training - I could feel a certain kind of transformative energy crackling around the room as we were facilitating - originally created by one of the most talented and experienced organizers I know, and then recently spiced up and illustrated a little by yours… Continue reading ORGANIZING FOR POWER: Capacity-Building & Strategic Escalation

Beehive Process, Meet General Public: The “Think Tank”

I am very pleased to share this report/syllabus from our successful one-month residency at Roanoke College in Virginia, September 2016. This was a conceptually complex and ambitious undertaking: the gallery director requested that we inhabit the gallery and co-create an installation “live” over the course of the month, along with facilitated students, in a kind… Continue reading Beehive Process, Meet General Public: The “Think Tank”

The Heroes We Are Seeking Stand Within Us

This is a workshop I have conducted just a few times thus far... still definitely a work-in-progress.  But I have received very positive feedback from every group I have worked with. Essentially, this workshop can serve the purpose of helping others to use Beehive graphics to tell their own stories, or just simply to understand… Continue reading The Heroes We Are Seeking Stand Within Us

“Story-Telling like a Super-Organism” – Srishti Design School, Bangalore

  Introduction There is a very long back-story to how I ended up with a teaching gig at a fancy design school in India. But I do not want to bore those of you who already know it, so that story can be told elsewhere. What I am excited to share is the process we… Continue reading “Story-Telling like a Super-Organism” – Srishti Design School, Bangalore

ROCK BOTTOM in the Age of Extreme Resource Extraction: Complete Script

Here it is - the full script, complete with corny jokes and everything. Note that this is significantly different than the presentations we were giving while on tour.  Every day was a work in progress, as we were not only learning about the issues and constantly updating the show while we were travelling, but also… Continue reading ROCK BOTTOM in the Age of Extreme Resource Extraction: Complete Script

So Many Summer Conferences!

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief's  “Building the Movement for Mutual Aid” Training Tour was such an inspiration in Spring 2018!  Even though our small team encountered many logistical and organizational challenges, we stuck to it and we succeeded in bringing our innovative curriculum to hundreds of people in many diverse communities - 28 cities in total,… Continue reading So Many Summer Conferences!

Links to all Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Essays

Hi friends! Recently I have written a series of essays about the great necessity and powerful potential of the movement for Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. If you missed them, here is another chance to read about: *The Need for Mutual Aid Disaster Relief* Reflections on the "many floods" that created the unnatural disaster of Hurricane… Continue reading Links to all Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Essays

The Future of Resistence and Resilience

The 23rd of October 2017 is a big day for movements of resistance and resilience! Today the indigenous-led coalition Mazaska Talks kicks off their "Divest the Globe" campaign, with world-wide mass actions against the banks that fund pipeline developments and tar sands extraction.  These 3 days of action are so important, not only because indigenous… Continue reading The Future of Resistence and Resilience

Resistance is Disaster Relief

On this day, we must remember that for some communities, disasters have been unfolding for centuries, depriving people of life and liberty every single day. Indigenous peoples in the Americas have been attacked and oppressed for over 500 years.  This continues today.  Every day.  Indigenous communities in the United States have exceptionally high rates of… Continue reading Resistance is Disaster Relief